General overview tour and tours on special topics

The General overview tour takes you through the entire life and work of Willy Brandt from his childhood in Lübeck to his death in 1992, travelling by way of exile and return to Germany, his time as Governing Mayor of Berlin 1957-1966, as Foreign Minister and Chancellor 1966-1974, and on up to his activities as elder statesman of international politics.
You will not only learn a lot about the person Willy Brandt, but also about the political history of Germany in the 20th century that Willy Brandt experienced and in which he played a decisive role in shaping. Our multimedia services are used intensively in the tour to enliven the depiction of history through pictures and sound, from the Weimar Republic to the reunification.

As special topics you can choose: "Against Hitler and for another Germany", "From division to unification", "Chancellor of internal reforms and external understanding", "On covert letters and media chancellors".    

Information on booking tours

A guided tour takes about one hour and costs € 5,00 per person (€ 2,00 per pupil/schoolclasses). The minimum price amounts to € 50,- per group/guide (€ 30,00 for schoolclasses).
Groups of more than 20 persons will be divided.
In case of cancellation, you have to contact us at least two workdays before. Lastminute cancellations or no shows will be charged € 50,-. Prices are subjects to change.

For booking a guided tour, please fill in the application form.

A group explores Willy Brandt’s childhood and youth.
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