Our Mission Statement

The Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation is the non-partisan institution in Germany which serves to commemorate the Social-Democrat politician, outstanding statesman and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. It is one of five memorial foundations for outstanding German statesmen which the Federal Republic of Germany has created.

The name Willy Brandt is synonymous with democracy and freedom, understanding between nations and peace, justice, solidarity and social responsibility. His life and his policies demonstrate
- that courageous personal engagement in government and society is essential for a
  free and humane existence
- that conflicts are, insofar as possible, to be settled peacefully
- that Germany's future is best anchored in a united Europe and
- that coming to terms with global problems requires collaboration among individuals
  and can succeed only in the context of worldwide co-operation.

Our purpose is to keep the memory of Willy Brandt alive, to awaken interest in the history of the 20th century and at the same time to encourage engagement in contemporary politics. In doing that, we can contribute to consolidating the traditions of democracy and the rule of law.

Our work centres primarily on historical and political education. We carry out this task in particular through the permanent exhibits at our two locations in Berlin and Lübeck. Willy Brandt’s personal and political life is closely linked to the city of Berlin. An exhibit here commemorates not only his dedication to the freedom of the once divided city but also his achievements as Foreign Minister and as Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Willy Brandt House in Lübeck is the extra-scholastic learning centre for recent history in the Nobel Peace Prize recipient’s birthplace.

We offer specific curricula geared to adults, younger people and children. With an orientation to the needs and wishes of our visitors, we employ well-selected media and innovative didactic concepts. Among the offerings are guided exhibit tours, lectures, readings, discussion sessions, seminars, school projects and activities for children.

Our public events deal with recent history and with current political issues to closely link the commemoration of Willy Brandt to the examination of contemporary and future issues. To that end we host presentations by contemporary witnesses, politicians, scientists and publicists.

We publish selected documents and papers by Willy Brandt and conduct research about him and the past century. Our task is to use the assets in the Willy Brandt Archives at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and to assist in its scientific evaluation. We cooperate with domestic and foreign researchers and institutions and conduct workshops and conferences. Above all we support young scholars with their projects. Every other year we honour outstanding achievements in research with the Willy Brandt Prize.

We feel strongly committed to Willy Brandt’s political legacy and to the basic values which guided him. To communicate the significance of his legacy, our historians, political scientists, museum pedagogues, visitor guides and administrative specialists bring their manifold competencies and experiences to bear. To fulfil our tasks we work together with both public and private partners.

Our goal is to contribute to assuring that Willy Brandt’s insights and visions remain alive and are passed down to future generations.