Research and Documentation

A core task of the Foundation is the evaluation of the Willy Brandt Archive within the Archives of Social Democracy of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and other national and international archives. The research results are published afterwards.

The Foundation has published the edition “Willy Brandt – Berliner Ausgabe” (Berlin Edition). The ten volumes include a multitude of documents and texts from life and politics of Willy Brandt. Further sources are published in the series “Willy-Brandt-Dokumente”. Important findings from the research on Willy Brandt are published in the “Willy-Brandt-Studien”. Additionally, the research staff present matters of contemporary history linked to Willy Brandt in lectures, essays, and reviews. They assist researchers, journalists, or also filmmakers.

Furthermore the Foundation organises workshops and conferences and cooperates with researchers and institutes at home and abroad. Every two years, it awards the Willy Brandt Prize for Contemporary History.

The ten volumes of the "Willy Brandt -Berlin Edition"