The Berlin Edition and other publications

According to the Act of Establishment, a most important mission for the Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation consists of the use and evaluation of the Willy Brandt Archive in the Friedrich Ebert Foundation's Archives of Social Democracy in Bonn (WBA). In keeping with this mission the Foundation launched an ambitious project in 1998: the Edition 'Willy Brandt - Berliner Ausgabe' (Berlin Edition), edited by the renowned Professors Helga Grebing, Gregor Schöllgen and Heinrich August Winkler. In 2009 all 10 volumes had been completed (Publisher J.H.W. Dietz Nachf. in Bonn) and can be downloaded from our homepage in German.

The Berlin Edition is intended first and foremost for a broad historically-politically interested public without forfeiting any claims to scholarly reliability. The edition is arranged according to chronological and thematic subjects. In the individual volumes the most diverse sources are brought together - among them Willy Brandt’s letters, notes, interviews, diary entries, manuscripts of speeches and memoranda. Each volume begins with an extensive and easily understandable introduction as introduction to the theme. The editor also presents a critical examination of the particular political achievement by Brandt being dealt with and places the edited sources into their overall historical context.
The Berlin Edition is therefore not conceived as a mere collection of documents. Rather it is intended to facilitate the reader’s access to the life and the politics of Willy Brandt as well as to significant segments of 20th-century history. At the same time it is supposed to be an encouragement to a critical assessment of the period of history most closely associated with the name Willy Brandt. Hitherto unknown records from the Willy Brandt Archive and from a number of other archives at home and abroad are providing new insights and giving stimuli for continued historical research.

The Berlin Edition will be complemented in upcoming years with publications in two series, the 'Willy-Brandt-Studien' (studies) and the 'Willy-Brandt-Dokumente' (documents). They are devoted for the most part to special topics of Willy Brandt research. The series are also published at Dietz Publisher (Bonn).



The Federal President Christian Wulff (left) and the Executive Director Wolfram Hoppenstedt, October 2010
The complete Berlin Edition