Famous Citations of Willy Brandt

"Everything indicates that the fascist dictatorship is not a question of weeks and months, but of years."
Willy Brandt in June 1933

"Hitler is not Germany!"
Willy Brandt in September 1938

"I feel bound to Norway with a thousand ties, but I have never given up Germany - the other Germany."
Willy Brandt in August 1943

"The day will come when the hatred that seems unavoidable in war will be overcome. One day the Europe in which Europeans can live must become a reality."
Willy Brandt in August 1943

"Unconditional acknowledgement of the crimes that were committed against other peoples by Germans and in the name of Germany is the first precondition for a recovery of the German people."
Willy Brandt in February 1945

“The day will come when the Brandenburg Gate will no longer stand at the border.”
Willy Brandt 1959

“The idea of freedom is not a reticent idea. It is aggressive and focused on its all-embracing actualisation all over the world.”
Willy Brandt 1961

“We want a society which offers more freedom and requires more shared responsibility.”
Willy Brandt 1969

“We want to risk more democracy.”
Willy Brandt 1969

“Respect for the politically mature citizen demands that he not be sheltered from difficulties.”
Willy Brandt 1970

“Wherever hunger is prevalent, peace cannot endure for long.”
Willy Brandt 1973

“The globalisation of perils and challenges – war, chaos, self-destruction – requires a kind of ‘international domestic policy’.”
Willy Brandt 1980

“Peace is not everything, but everything is nothing without peace.”
Willy Brandt 1981

“If I were to say what is, next to peace, more important to me than anything else, then without qualification my answer would be: freedom. Freedom for many, not only for the few. Freedom of conscience and of opinion. Freedom as well from need and from fear.”
Willy Brandt 1987

“My real success was in having contributed to the fact that in the world in which we live the name of our country and the concept of peace can again be mentioned in the same breath.”
Willy Brandt 1988

“Now what belongs together will grow together.”
Willy Brandt 1989

“Nothing happens of its own accord. And very little is lasting. Therefore – be aware of your strengths and of the fact that each era requires its own answers and you really must feel up to its expectations if you hope to achieve good things.”
Willy Brandt 1992